MOBILE networks

Full duplex wireless networking capable of maximizing spectrum utilization across all bands


Full duplex 5G wireless, spectrum optimization and adaptive mesh networking

Up to 30x improvement in Wi-Fi performance

100X throughput improvement for Broadband Cable and DSL


GenXComm’s microphotonics-based real time signal processing enables interference free high-bandwidth adaptive networks. With GenXComm technologies, mobile service operators, broadband providers and enterprise wireless systems can deliver next generation communications and networking today, with flexible, high throughput, low-latency, spectrum efficient technologies that provide ubiquitous connectivity. 

Our patented Interference cancellation technology (S-SIX) can enable true full duplex, simultaneous transmit and receive (STAR) and increased spectrum efficiency for wired and wireless communications. S-SIX provides full-duplex wireless backhaul, self-backhaul small cells, and 4G/5G fixed and mobile flexible network architectures.