IOT and Autonomous systems


GenXComm microphotonic technologies enable ultra-fast mesh networks and low power, high resolution sensors to create autonomous systems and IoT devices capable of sensing and reacting to the environment at light speed.

Microphotonics based receivers deliver wideband spectrum sensing and interference-free signal processing for advanced sensing and adaptive mesh networking systems.  Mesh networking systems remove the need for high powered transmitters and large towers by allowing individual devices to communicate directly to nearby devices.  Each device acts as its own miniature “cell tower” relaying information between nearby devices and ultimately connecting back to high throughput networking infrastructure.  Mesh networking allows autonomous vehicles to send immediate information about road conditions, acceleration/deceleration, obstacles needed for collision avoidance..

Today’s mesh networks are inefficient and congested due to large control overhead. GenXComm’s STAR technology enables low latency mesh networking by drastically reducing control overhead and latency.


GenXComm technologies enable a relation in autonomous systems and IoT devices providing advanced sensing and automation for commercial and military systems. GenXComm can enable untethered home base-stations to enable low-power meshing of

smart home devices with integrated 4G/5G relay, providing a single central device for connecting in-home devices to each other and to the internet.

  • Adaptive mesh networks with up to 30x improvement in network throughput

  • Ability to continuously sense spectral environment to identify optimal bands  and dynamic adjustment to interference

  • Energy and resource efficient with small size and limited heat dissipation requirements

  • Advanced RFID devices for automated inventory

  • Smart Hub in-home networking and wireless broadband access

  • Low powered, high precision RADAR and LIDAR

  • High performance decluttering for MTI

Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) based delay lines reduces clutter, improves fidelity through phase shift signal processing and lowers power requirements for surveillance systems

Use Cases

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•         Low Powered RADAR [Need Text]

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